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2022 Lancaster-Lebanon League Honors

Wyomissing selections for the 2022 Lancaster-Lebanon League Section 4 Honors

Coach of the Year: Bob Wolfrum

Outstanding Lineman of the Year: J’ven Williams

Offensive Lineman of the Year: J’ven Williams

Linebacker of the Year: Matthew Kramer

1st Team Offense:

Caleb Brewer (TE)

Ethan Brower (WR)

J'ven Williams (OG)

Pacen Ziegler (OT)

2nd Team Offense:

Jack Gartner (OG)

Matthew Kramer (RB)

Ben Zechman (QB)

Honorable Mention Offense:

Ethan Brower (KR)

Drew Eisenhower (RB)

Isaac Focht (C)

Ian Levering (K)

Charlie McIntyre (RB)

Cooper Young (OT)

1st Team Defense:

Caleb Brewer (DL)

Drew Eisenhower (DB)

Ryker Jones (ILB)

Matthew Kramer (OLB)

J'ven Williams (DL)

2nd Team Defense:

Brock Kistler (Snapper)

Charlie McIntyre (DB)

Pacen Ziegler (DL)

Honorable Mention Defense:

Drew Forrey (OLB)

Ryker Jones (P)

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