Bunn, DaveAll State
Engleman, TimAll County
Fyock, RobAll League
Hoyer, EdAll League
Jones, Scott (WAYFA)All State
Keeler, RobertAll American
Lord, JoeAll State
McCarty, StanleyAll American
Miller, KevinAll American
Schmoyer, JohnAll League
Silveri, AlAll American
Tonneslan, ScottAll State
Tucker, RossLifetime
Unger, MikeAll League
Wolfrum, AndyAll State
Wolfrum, BobAll American
Ziegler, NormLifetime

The WFA provides our program with equipment and services that we just can’t afford on our school budget. Just as important, WFA support lets our players know there’s a group of former players and boosters who care about them and want to see the program continue at a high level.
— Coach Bob Wolfrum