Eligibility Criteria – Class of 2020:

    • Must have played, coached or have made a significant contribution to the success of the Wyomissing Sunsets, Wyomissing Warriors, Wyomissing Spartans, or West Reading Cowboys football teams. Must be nominated by a WFA Member.
    • To be nominated as a player, a nominee must have played as a senior 15 or more football seasons ago (2005 season for the 2020 Hall of Fame class). To be nominated as a coach, nominees must be at least one year retired or have been a part of the program for 20 or more years. Only individuals will be accepted as nominees.
    • Nominations are based on the nominee participating either as a football player or coach at the highest level, achieving success as both an individual and team member. Nominations will be given for those who have brought honor to Wyomissing or West Reading High as football players or coaches in high school, college and the NFL.
    • Special nominations will be considered to anyone who has made a significant contribution to the football program as determined by the WFA Board of Directors.
    • The WFA Board will determine whether a nominee will be placed on the Hall of Fame ballot based on the nominee’s football-related resume as provided by the nominating WFA Member.  It is important that the WFA Member provide a compelling football resume for their nominee.  Non-football biographical information is not considered relevant and will be removed from the resume.
    • Should the WFA Board accept a nominee for inclusion on the ballot, it is the responsibility of the nominating WFA member and nominee to submit any additional football-related accomplishments for the ballot if requested.  The WFA Board reserves the right to edit all submitted biographical information for the ballot.
    • Prior-year unelected nominees may remain on the ballot for up to three years before removal.
    • Only current WFA Members may make nominations to the Hall of Fame.  Each Member is allowed one nomination per year.