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The Alumni of the Wyomissing Football Program have come together to create the Wyomissing Football Association – an organization of alumni, friends, coaches, parents, and fans united to honor and support the Wyomissing Area Spartan Football program.

Because of a close-knit community, continuity on the coaching staff, and a strong winning tradition, the football program has built an outstanding reputation and following. Former players are always coming back to see this year’s team, say hello to their old coaches, and to take in the one-of-a-kind Saturday afternoon experience.

Many alumni and friends have expressed their willingness to support the team, and now there is an organization built to accommodate that support – the WFA. Our intent is to support the Spartan football program however we can, honor former players and coaches, and to provide a vehicle for supporters to be involved in team activities, as well as events that would reunite alumni with their former teammates.

  • 2012