Spartans 1995

8 – 3

League Champions

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Season Overview

Ross Tucker | 1994-1996 | Offensive Tackle/Defensive End | #55

The game that stands out more than any other was the 1995 game at Governor Mifflin against the Mustangs. We had come all the way back from losing our first two games to win the I-C the week before. The chance to play a neighboring Quad-A school and earn some respect for our program and the I-C had us unbelievably fired up. It was the equivalent of a High School Bowl game.

The Mustangs had a good team that year and it was a 7-7 slugfest until we got the ball with about seven minutes left deep in our own territory. We proceeded to methodically drive the ball down the field, showing the same heart and determination that we had all season, until we finally scored on third and goal from the two-yard line with about fifteen seconds left.

It was easily one of the best, if not the best, moment that I ever experienced in the game of football. Ending our season with a win against a crosstown rival was even better than playing in the District 3 playoffs the following season. To this day, I bring up that season, that game, and that drive every time I see a teammate from that 1995 team.

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