Spartans Academic Honors List

It’s always great to see players succeeding both on and off the field. Congratulations to the following Spartans for achieving academic honors. Keep up the great work!

Aikman, Preston William
Ambarian, William D
Blickley, Evan Christerpher
Brewer, Caleb Ayden
Brower, Ethan S
Brown, Patrick D
Campbell, Alexander J
Carter, Nevin Larome
Cruz, Donovan
Delp, Andrew James
Delp, William James
Dimaio, Julian George
Eisenhower, Andrew Michael
Ellig, Rocco Logan
Filoon, Rory Joseph
Focht, Isaac Taylor
Forrey, Andrew C
Gartner, John William
Grabowski, Thomas Riley
Hoffman, Nickolas Alexander
Hyde, Logan M
Jones, Ryker Joseph
Kauffman, Alexander Jacob
Kramer, Matthew Scott
Levering, Ian Thomas
Mack, Aiden Edward
McIntyre, Charles Scott
Miller, Jackson James
Neff, Jacob D
Niedrowski, Collin Tyler
Santiago, Landon David
Thompson, Amory Osiris
Weller, Thomas M
Williams, Jven Alberto
Young, Cooper James
Zechman, Benjamin David
Ziegler, Pacen Scott

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