Great Season Spartans!

While the season-ending loss to Tamaqua was disappointing, our 2019 Spartans had an impressive 12-win season that included District 3 and Berks Football League 2 Championships and awesome wins over Middletown, Berks Catholic, North Schuylkill and Pottsville.

Thank you and all the best to seniors Ian Brunner, Evan Busack, Brayden Eberhart, Rocky Ferrandino, Max Hurleman, Justin Russell, Jevin Tranquillo and Nicholas Willman.

Juniors and underclassmen: work hard this off season in preparation for another great season next year.


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1 thought on “Great Season Spartans!”

  1. Re: your planned history of Wyomissing football, a defining era was the 1954-55 to 1959-60 period which marked the beginnings of Wyomissing’s winning tradition’s. With the likes of the Fichtner brothers, Bare twins, Meinig cousins, Thuns, Muhlenberg’s, Reesers, Suttons, and others, Wyomissing defeated the undefeated and won conference honors. Historical lookbacks for this era are difficults because of limited stats, film and photos on team and individual performance.
    Defining moments were the 1954 win over arch rival West Reading Cowboy’s for the first time in 10 years. A boon to Wyomissing varsity football then was their recruitment of former players from newly founded midgit and junior leagues. These players already had five years experience learning fundamentals and they transition easily into the varsity program..

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