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Gotta make it a quick one tonight, kids. It’s Friday night, I have WEEU streaming, thirty or so tenth graders in my backyard, a sensory-overloaded dog, and I need a beer.

Last Friday
The Spartans continued to roll, this time with a 45-6 win at Hamburg. Pretty typical Spartan effort for this season: 300 yards on the ground, good special teams, and a stifling defense. The only real concern I see with this team is their affection for penalties. Seven against the Hawks, six previously in Fleetwood, twelve at home against West York, six with North Schuylkill, and nine in the Twin Valley season opener. Only the Pottsville (four) and Blue Mountain (two) games were more reasonable. For a team executing so well in, really, every aspect of the game, the penalty thing is baffling. I’m sure this will tighten up as the regular season draws to a close.

But Now the Important Stuff
Hamburg’s concession stands. I know, I know, it’s been on your mind. I tried both (Sports Boosters and Music Boosters) and give the edge to the Sports concession stand due primarily to their chicken noodle soup being superior to the Music group’s chili.

Number Two
(No, not what many readers are doing, well, now.)
As all should know the Spartans have climbed to number two in the state rankings. D3 rival Middletown was beaten last week so the team took over the second spot behind Aliquippa. This marks the third Spartan number two statewide ranking and just the second time in the regular season. The 2012 team was second for a week before winning the state championship in their next game. 1993 had a lengthy stay in the second spot, climbing there at the end of September and staying until an early November loss.

What Else, Phil, What Else?
Funny, you should ask. Other Spartan teams and their highest state ranking during that season:
1989: fifth
1990: tenth
1991: seventh
2001: tenth
2006: third (final; lost in eastern final to eventual champ Wilson Area)
2014: fourth (final; lost in eastern final to runner-up Dunmore)
2015: third (early November)
2017: seventh

The most perplexing omission was the 2011 team that only reached honorable mention status. That 11-1 squad scored 490 points and only surrendered 131 which is a thirty-point average margin of victory.

2011 standout fullback and linebacker AJ Nally

District Stuff
Middletown’s loss has the Spartans firmly entrenched in the first spot. Wyo Area will receive a first round bye and be in position to play host to their remaining D3 games. Athletic Director Ferrandino confirmed the ordering of portable lights for the playoffs. Middletown will be second and receive a first round (quarterfinal) bye. I’m sticking with Lancaster Catholic to be third. However, the rest of my Phearless Phorecast might be ph-d. I projected Bermudian Springs fourth and they promptly lost to Delone Catholic. I suggested Donegal was better than Anville Cleona and, naturally, A-C won. Anville Cleona currently holds the fourth position with Bermudian fifth. Schuylkill Valley is in sixth and Littlestown seventh in a six team race. And apparently don’t count out Susquenita. They are just a few percentage points out of the final spot. I failed to mention them last week because, frankly, I’m not sure where they are located. In any event, Susquenita won the old-fashioned way this week – by forfeit. Finally, James Buchanon is slipping faster than his approval rating in 1860.

No one provided the correct answer although Coach Silveri knew it as he coached both pictured players.

The youngster is current Spartan senior and co-captain Jevin Tranquillo. The oldster? His dad Bob.

Bob was an All Berks defensive end at Conrad Weiser in 1948. Kidding, Tranq…it was 1984. Bob had forty-five solo tackles, 68 assists, six sacks, and two fumble recoveries for the Scouts that season.

The correlation?

Um, if you are waiting for an answer, maybe you should take the next couple plays off.

This Week’s Edition



Spartan Trivia
Congrats to Kurt Althouse for naming all the Spartan state championship teams. In total, Wyomissing Area has produced twenty team state champions. That’s impressive, folks. Nice job Kurt. Just for that, I’ll induct your first born into the Hall of Fame.

Wait! It’s Time for Phil’s Super Segue! Hooray!
Be sure to get to the “A” Field early Saturday to see Kurt’s first-born Andrew get inducted into the WFA Hall of Fame along with other Spartan football greats Pat Tierney and Mike Mitchell, West Reading Cowboy standout Ron Cardinal, and long-time youth football president Scott Jones. Get’ em up, boys.

Girls Volleyball Update
To those who had to suffer through this football drivel to get to the girls volleyball update, thanks for hanging in there. The girls are at 12-5 on the season and have qualified for both the Berks County and District 3 playoffs! The final regular season match is Tuesday at BC and Berks County playoffs begin Thursday against Wilson. Site to be determined. Check the Reading Eagle sports page for updates. It’s found in Section C behind the pumpkin spice recipe, how a woman in Missouri brings her plants inside for the winter and Drabble.

And, yes, I was joking about the portable lights.

Make it a great day to be a Spartan.

Phil Schadler
The Voice of Spartan Football
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