Phil’s Blog: Hamburg

Anybody excited about this football team?

6-0, sitting atop District 3 Class AAA power rankings with a #3 state ranking is not a bad start. And a trip this week to Hamburg with their dueling concession stands! Hello October!

A Fleetwood Game Thought:
Can anything just go straight through?
(My final roundabout joke, I mostly promise)

District 3 Class AAA Analysis
Here are the most up-to-date standings:

Simply speaking, if the Spartans win out, home field advantage throughout the D3 playoffs is theirs. To reiterate a point I made earlier this season, the higher seeded team in the district will play host to the game. That includes the title tilt which will not be at Hershey. So, at the risk of getting ahead of myself, a D3 title game at the “A” Field against, say, Middletown would be a real possibility.

What’s Going to Happen
Six Class AAA teams make the playoffs with the top two seeded squads receiving an opening week bye. That’s Friday/Saturday November 1 & 2. The winners of those games then play the top two seeds the following weekend. After the first round, the teams do not get re-seeded. At least they did not last year. So, the top seeded team faces the winner of 4 vs 5 and the second seeded squad plays the winner of 3 vs 6. The weekend of November 8 & 9. The D3 championship will then be Saturday, November 16th at the “A” Field. I’m gonna say a 1:00 pm start under beautiful skies, a slight but crisp breeze, oak leaves swishing under your feet as you walk, and Keebler elves preparing confections in the Stone House trees.

What Needs to Happen
The Spartans win out. Period.

Phil’s Phearless Phorecast
Wyomissing Area, Middletown and Lancaster Catholic are likely the phirst three seeds. And I’d be shocked if Bermudian Springs does not phinish phourth.

• Middletown has its biggest remaining game this weekend against Milton Hershey. They phollow that with Trinity, East Pennsboro and Palmyra. MH is 5-1 with a tight loss to Susquehanna Township. As a reminder, Middletown is ranked #2 in the state.
• LC has a tough one with 5-1 Donegal and three against traditionally weaker teams Pequea Valley, Octorara, and Northern Lebanon. Even a loss to Donegal combined with a soft schedule shouldn’t keep LC phrom a 3 seed.
• Bermudian Springs has a test this week at Delone Catholic. There typically is an upset somewhere along the line in that York-Adams Section 3 but still call BS the phavorite to win it.

Beyond those phour, it gets interesting.
• How good is Schuylkill Valley? With Phleetwood, BC, Wyo Area, and Hamburg on the schedule, is there another win out there phor them? Or two?
• Anville Cleona lost by just seven to Lancaster Catholic last week. Pequea Valley is a win and ELCO should be as well, but Donegal and Lebanon are likely better teams.
• James Buchanon was an awful president and is a similarly unremarkable phootball team. They have one game left in their ambitious six game schedule.
• Phamiliar phoe Littlestown seems to be down this year at 3-3. They play Bermudian and three teams who could battle James Buchanon to a 0-0 tie.

I think Littlestown is in at 6-4. AC should be in at 5-5. And Schuylkill Valley’s phate should come down to the Phrost Bowl with Hamburg.

That’s probably more analysis than you needed in early October. If I ever write about James Buchanon again, please stop reading my blog. If a 2-4 James Buchanon team phinishes higher in the D3 standings than your school this season, please stop playing phootball.

Around the County…Phearless Phorecast II
(I stopped with the “ph” antics, read on)

Regarding D3 playoffs, Wyo Area, BC, Fleetwood, and Wilson – in.
Winner of Exeter/Mifflin – in, I think.
Bubble: Loser of Exeter/Mifflin and maybe SV with a win over Hamburg

Others: Weiser must beat someone they are not expected to: Susquehanna Township or Governor Mifflin plus Reading. The Red Knights need to beat two of three: Exeter, Weiser, and/or Oxford Area plus Muhlenberg.

That said, stranger things have happened.

Like James Buchanon being elected in 1856.

Random Thought
Was at the beach this past weekend as an early birthday present to Katie, and caught these three novels on the rental’s bookshelf:

Ah, yes, the understated prose of Papa meeting “blew out my flip flop, stepped on a pop top.” Or, as I like to think of them, two guys who got drunk at the beach and then wrote stuff. Perhaps one a smidge better than the other.

Spartan Trivia
Congrats to Pat McCrae for correctly identifying Wyomissing High’s nickname in 1944 as the Sunsets.

Similar congrats to Bill Bertolet who recognized Ben Wertz as the youngster and Brad Scovill as the oldster. Ben was an All Berks and All State center for the 2012 state championship team. He played collegiately at Williams College. Brad, a 1977 grad, was also All Berks and was a three year starter at Tight End for Penn State. During Scovill’s sophomore season, the second ranked Nittany Lions lost to Alabama 14-7 in the national championship Sugar Bowl. His junior season, Brad let Penn State in receiving as the Nits finished #18 after a Liberty Bowl victory. Scovill’s senior campaign saw Penn State finish eighth in the country following a Fiesta Bowl win over Ohio State.

The correlation?
Pointing out that Brad graduated with Ben’s dad is too easy.

How about this instead?
This dashing Penn State athlete is Ben’s grandfather Dick Wertz pictured with the Nittany Lions varsity baseball team in 1949.
(Oh, the jewels you find roaming Rec Hall)

Oldster/Youngster This Week
Borrowing a baseball phrase, I’m gonna throw a change-up at ya.
Hands on buzzers…



Spartan Trivia:
Name the team sports (not individual) where the Spartans have won state championships.
I’ll spot you one: football.
Name the others.

God, I Love This Kid
My daughter Katie sported this t-shirt for warmups prior to the Fleetwood volleyball match.

Speaking of volleyball…Spartan fans, go to the match against Schuylkill Valley on Thursday, October 10th! The girls are 10-5 and in position to qualify for both the Berks County and District 3 playoffs. It’s Senior Night and a big match. Get out and support the girls!

Welp, that’s it for me. See you Friday night at Hamburg.

Make it a great day to be a Spartan.

Phil Schadler
The Voice of Spartan Football
29 Seasons of Talking During the Game

p.s. The Hemingway/Buffett correlation and “ph” phonics lark was in honor of my former English teacher the late Doc Smith. He appreciated irony. Plus, his name was Phred.

p.p.s. Do you even remember being this young?

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