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What’s up peeps?

Let’s get started as I’ve got a long way to go and a short time to get there.

Veteran Appreciation
On Homecoming, we honored Army Captain Andy Wolfrum. Andy is a 1996 Wyomissing Area graduate who played baseball and football. He was All Intra-County selection for football in ’95 and a team captain for both sports. Andy is a 2000 graduate of the US Military Academy in West Point, NY. He served two tours of duty in Iraq. First as an Armor Officer and member of the 1st Armored Division and then as a Civil Affairs Officer supporting the 3rd Infantry Division. Captain Wolfrum is currently the head football coach of Army West Point’s Prep School team. Andy and wife Shannon have two sons, Robby and Riley. Andy, Shannon, and the boys were joined on the field by sister Britta, mom Sheri, and dad Bob.

It was wonderful to see Andy again and, as always, the Spartan Football Family humbly says “thank you” for your service.

(L-R) Jimmy Grabowski, Andy Wolfrum, wife Shannon, son Riley, mom Sheri, son Robby

It’s a Spartan World, the rest just live in it…
Did everyone check out the photo Scott posted of Ross Tucker and Alex Anzalone at the Superdome? So, sheer coincidence that Ross was a Cowboy when Emmett Smith broke the NFL career rushing record and Alex a Saint when Drew Brees set the NFL career passing record? Coincidence…hmmm? Let the conspiracy theorists have a field day with that one.

Spartan Roster Addition
The newest Spartan is #8 DeAndre Boyd a transfer from Wilson. Spartan fans may remember his dad Desmond Boyd who was a starter as a sophomore. Dez transferred to Wilson his junior campaign (2000) and was a Bulldog starter at tailback for two seasons. At press time, there is no confirmation DeAndre is the Player to Be Named Later from his dad’s transfer.

District Playoff Update
No major shake up from last week other than Bermudian Springs and Littlestown switching places primarily due to BS’s loss to Delone Catholic.

So, going into the weekend:
1. Lancaster Catholic 7-0
2. Middletown 6-1
3. Wyomissing Area 6-1
4. Annville Cleona 5-2
5. Littlestown 5-2
6. Bermudian Springs 4-3
7. Schuylkill Valley 4-3

LC pasted Octorara (2-5, 4A) and have Northern Lebanon (1-6, 3A) this week. Again, I will be shocked if they do not win out. Middletown won a big game over previously unbeaten Milton Hershey (6-1, 4A) and play Trinity this week. As with LC, surprised if they do not win out. Annville Cleona crushed Pequea Valley (0-7, 2A) and plays Donegal (4-3, 4A) this week. The bigger game is the following week with ELCO (6-1, 4A) but we’ll get to that next week. Littlestown and Bermudian Springs flip-flopped and play each other in two weeks. Otherwise, neither has a difficult game remaining. As I wrote last week, SV needs a win over either BC or the Spartans to make the district playoffs.

Again, the top two teams get first round byes and seeds three and four play host in what would be the quarterfinals. If both LC and Middletown win out, I believe Middletown would finish as the top seed due to their strength of schedule. Similarly, a Spartan win over BC should get a top two seed. LC has the lowest Opponents points of the contending teams. The points formula accounts for not only wins and losses but opponents record and schedule.

I think this is a yawner week and nothing should change much. Week 9, however, will be more significant.

Pizza Ordering Tip
Are you like me and, when you order a pizza and are given a number, you forget the number about four seconds later?
Here’s a Phil’s Special Solution: think of a Spartan football player who wears that number and it will be much easier to remember.
Phil’s Cautionary Advice: when you get to the pizza shop and are asked your number, do not reply “Ian Brunner”.

Who Am I?
Congrats to both Hunter Beane and Kurt Althouse who recognized Justin Causa, Ben Wertz, Alex Anzalone, Joe Cacchione, and Brian Bamberger of the state champ 2012 team. To be fair, Hunter was quicker out of the gate and first to answer. Kurt, let’s chalk that one up to youth but, remember, old guys are savvier. Which means we know how to cheat.

Okay…picture is a little grainy…

Who Am I?

What The Football? Picks

Spartans @ Kutztown
The Spartans have more sophomores (20) on the roster than the Cougars dressed last week (16).

Wilson @ Warwick
Did you know Michael Vick went to Warwick High School? Sure, it was in Virginia, but I’m willing to sacrifice relevance for nonsensical tidbits.

Governor Mifflin vs Lower Dauphin and played @ Hersheypark Stadium but now @ Milton Hershey
This game has had more homes than the Spartans come district playoff time.

Muhlenberg @ Daniel Boone
You know what the best part of this game is? No, seriously, I’m curious.

Reading @ Conrad Weiser
Weiser apparently no longer serves those great french fries. First they got rid of the Scout mascot who fired off that gun and now the fries! Something just ain’t right in Robesonia.

Twin Valley @ Exeter
Both teams are 4-3 and separated by .002 in district rankings. Somehow, I still see this as a mercy rule game.

Schuylkill Valley @ Berks Catholic
BC’s first teamers watched most of the Kutztown game last week. This could get ugly.

Fleetwood @ Hamburg
Could be a barn burner

Spartan Nicknames
Week Three

Two polls down and two to go. Then the Finals.
Congrats to Steve “Manu” O’Neil who won week two’s nickname poll. He automatically qualifies for the Finals.

This week:

This week’s voting is now closed

Thanks for playing.

Kutztown this Friday night and then Schuylkill Valley the following week. Home October 27th for the Backyard Brawl.

Make it a great day to be a Spartan.

Phil Schadler
The Voice of Spartan Football

28th Season

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6 thoughts on “Phil’s Blog: Game 8 – Kutztown”

  1. Steve O’Neil?! If I get this right I get props for digging. I googled Steve and Wyo football, found his twitter feed has 77 in it but knew it could possibly be a birth year (but thought he was younger). Kept digging and found an article you wrote nine years ago that had him as all county (I think) in 1997. Unless he graduated high school at the age of 21, I’m banking on the fact that his number was 77… so Steve?!

  2. Come on Hunter, I found it first! I swear I didn’t see your answer and didn’t answer last week because you got it first… go study or something son and let the old people play 🙄

  3. I can easily see this guy in flip flops, in several inches of snow and slush, directing the chaotic parent drop off at WHEC…Mr.Oneil!

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