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Home-com-ing (noun) “the return of a group of people on a special occasion to a place formerly frequented or regarded as home. Typically highlighted by revelry and the same stories you told last year. And the year before.”
To be fair, I may have made the same observation last year.
See what I mean?

Veteran Appreciation
Saturday, we honored Air Force Airman First Class Martin J Kowalski. Martin spent four years in the Air Force primarily in Dover, DE with additional stationing in Nigeria in support of the Laos crisis and Tampa, FL during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Martin’s two Wyo grandchildren are familiar names and faces: Emily is a sophomore volleyball player and Tim is a three-year football starter and team captain. Thank you Martin J Kowalski!

(L-R) Martin J Kowalski II, Jimmy Grabowski, veteran honoree Martin J Kowalski, wife Esther, daughter Cheryl, and grandson Tim Kowalski

Hall of Fame
Saturday also marks the WFA’s Hall of Fame induction ceremony. This season Steve Brunner, Andy Taylor, Peter Orwig, and the late Phil Brumbach will be honored. That’s a pregame celebration so be a little early everyone.

Hall of Famer Steve Brunner

Hall of Famer Andy Taylor

Did Anyone Notice?

Another job well done by the talented Tim Grant!

District Playoff Outlook
Six weeks down and four to go, so as good a time as any to start looking at the District 3 Class AAA playoff picture. To start, six teams will qualify for the playoffs with the top two seeds getting a bye the first week. The current standings (with team records) are:

  1. Lancaster Catholic 6-0
  2. Middletown 5-1
  3. Wyomissing Area 5-1
  4. Annville Cleona 4-2
  5. Bermudian Springs 4-2
  6. Littlestown 4-2
  7. Schuylkill Valley 3-3

My analysis: Lancaster Catholic will win out. While this is not the LC of past wars, the remainder of their schedule is advantageous with their biggest challenge being Donegal (4-2 AAAA) week 9. Middletown’s one loss was to powerhouse Bishop McDevitt although the Blue Raiders have undefeated Milton Hershey (6-0 AAAA) Thursday night. Ahead, too, is Palmyra (6-0 AAAAA). Fourth seeded Annville Cleona lost last week to LC 23-14 and to Milton Hershey in their opener. They also have Donegal remaining as well as ELCO (5-1 AAAA) and Lebanon who is just 2-4 but a AAAAAA school. Bermudian Springs lost to Shippensburg (5-1 AAAAA) and York Catholic (6-0 AA). They face undefeated Delone Catholic (6-0 AA) this weekend and Littlestown later in the season. Littlestown’s only potential loss the remainder of the regular season is Bermudian. Schuylkill Valley likely needs an upset of either the Spartans or BC to make the playoffs.

We will have a better perspective after this weekend particularly with Bermudian Springs. I don’t think Palmyra is strong enough to beat Middletown so the MH game Thursday is also significant. I believe the top six teams listed will be the qualifiers although the rankings may be jumbled. If the Spartans do not stumble and beat Berks Catholic, I think a top two finish may occur. Wins over Hamburg, Kutztown, and Schuylkill Valley with a loss to BC, and a top four finish should happen. That would give the Spartans a home game in the opening round.

Who Am I?
Congrats to teammates Jason Eisenhower and Marc Hunsberger who correctly identified John “Sunshine” Casale! Nice job, guys.

Fast Fact: the Brothers Eisenhower (Chad ’94 and Jason ‘04) had a six year combined record of 61-10-1 with matching 11-1 senior seasons.

Okay, ready?
Youngsters, this is your time to shine…

Who Are We?

What The Football? Picks

Hamburg @ Wyomissing
Check out the photo of the Hawk that will be sacrificed to the bonfire Friday night…and the hamburger stuck in its mouth.

Schuylkill Valley @ Fleetwood
Not to be outdone, the Tigers are sacrificing a papier mache reproduction of a Panther eating at the Hoss’s Steakhouse buffet.

Conrad Weiser @ Susquehanna Township
And really not to be outdone, Susquehanna Township has a reproduction of a Scout using the vending machine at the Motel Deska (you just passed us!).

Twin Valley @ Muhlenberg
Now here’s a great way to spend a Friday night.

Hempfield @ Wilson
I got nuthin’.

Daniel Boone @ Governor Mifflin
Mifflin accuses Boone of fondling a bear in 1784. Game postponed for FBI hearing.
(easy folks, just a joke, and no animals were harmed in the telling of this joke)

Kutztown @ Berks Catholic
Last year the Saints only won by one. Okay, sure, it was a forfeit.

Exeter @ Reading
Worst projected conversation of the weekend:
Eagle fan, toying with GPS, asks friend the address of Shirk Stadium.
“12th and Exeter”
“12th and where?”

G’night folks, try the veal.

Thanks to all who participated in the Week One voting.
Last week’s winner was Matt “Cement Head” Hartman. As a weekly winner, he qualifies for the Championship Round. Each week’s winner will qualify along with four wild card entries. These will be the guys who have accumulated the most votes over the four weeks. Not necessarily the second-place finisher each week.

Here goes Week Two (of Four)

Week Two Voting is Closed

Thanks for playing everyone.

Hope to see many enthusiastic Spartans at the Bonfire Friday night!

Catch you Saturday.
I’ll be the one talking.
Looking forward to seeing my old friend Chris Brumbach.

Make it a great day to be a Spartan!

Phil Schadler
The Voice of Spartan Football

28th Season

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