Phil’s Blog: Game 5 – West York

Blue Mountain was undefeated and not scored upon. They are neither now.

The Spartans took their road show “up 61” to the Eagles Nest and played, I think, their best game of the season. Two first quarter touchdowns (Max Hurleman and Darren Brunner) tarnished Blue Mountain’s defense early and key plays throughout the fourth quarter solidified the win. The offense ran for 224 yards on forty carries (5.6/rush) while Ben Terefenko had another efficient game (5 for 7, 89 yards and a touchdown). The offensive line – center Trevor Beane, guards Anthony Ponce & Evan Niedrowski, tackles Ian Brunner & Colin Bunn, tight end Brayden Eberhart – are maturing and played very well. Tim Kowalski toted the ball seventeen times for 147 yards including the final score. Overall, a strong effort.

Random Thoughts
At Blue Mountain, I tried the Special Eagle Something-Or-Another Burger which was slathered in Buffalo Blue Cheese sauce. It was okay. But after two weeks of girls volleyball visitors fare (Oh look, hot dogs…again), it was a welcome distraction. It’s always interesting to check out the concession stands at new opponents. Anyone remember the grills at Schuylkill Haven in 2012? Good stuff and a great aroma. The Spartans put up thirty points in the first quarter, the mercy rule went into effect early in the second quarter, and fourteen players got carries that August evening. And I had a damn good burger. If you are keeping score at home, Schuylkill County concession stand-wise, I go Schuylkill Haven, Blue Mountain, and then Pottsville. I’m told the big concession stand behind the Pottsville home bleachers is solid but that satellite effort on our sideline is suspect.

I promised a Nolan Babb update last week.
When will Nolan be back? October.
(How’s that for “Coach Speak”?)

Ok, the West York Bulldogs. This one concerns me. Sure, the Bulldogs are 0-4 but they are a AAAA school who has been beaten by Central York (6A; 3-1), Shippensburg by a touchdown (5A; 4-0), Lampeter-Strasburg by a touchdown (4A; 3-1), and Gettysburg (4A; 2-2). G-burg’s two losses were to 5A Waynesburg and a two touchdown defeat at the hands of Bishop McDevitt. Yes, the same McDevitt team that beat Middletown 40-14 and rolled up 600 yards against them. So, what does all this who played who and then who played who and so on crap mean? This is the toughest 0-4 team we’ve faced. Period. They play big schools with football traditions. We might be the underdog.

Congratulations Coach Hartman!
This weekend, former coach and high school principal Bill Hartman will be inducted into his high school’s Hall of Fame. Coach Hartman was a multi-sport athlete and coach at David Anderson High School in Lisbon, OH. Checking your map, Lisbon is thirty miles west of Beaver Falls, PA and Geneva College where Coach Hartman is also a member of their Hall of Fame. Another forty miles west of Lisbon is Canton, OH and, while he’s on the correct geographic path, I am not so sure Bill will get enshrined there.

Coach Hartman and the other new HOF members will be introduced at Friday night’s game and then will speak at a Saturday night dinner. I’ve already cautioned Bill that if he tells stories of Reading area exploits, they just are not going to believe him. In what should be a cool moment, he will be inducted by his older brother Dave who was a 2008 inductee. Way to go Hitman!

This is a photo from one of Lisbon’s most popular beaches. If you look closely, you can see Coach Hartman sunning at the bottom right.

Spartan Trivia
I enjoy reading the banners in other gyms. Last week I was in a gym for the first time and caught this banner.
Here’s the trivia question: provide the significance of the fourth name from the bottom.

Let’s go back-to-back with the reader participation portion of today’s program, shall we?

Who Am I?
Congratulations to Brad Kauffman and Steve O’Neill who correctly identified Matt Lytle, Scott Ziegler (RET), and Jim Palmer in the baseball photo. All three were on the ’93 District championship team you read about maybe eleven seconds before. Palmer was the tough one. And I’ll give kudos to Kristin Feightner who wasn’t around Wyo Area in ’93 but managed to figure out two of the three based on the anniversary picture. Incidentally, Brad is in that ’93 anniversary photo as he was a starting tackle. He also is the head coach of the Midgets in the youth football program.

So, this week…

Who Am I?

What The Football? Picks
Spartans @ West York
My insight? Leave early.

Penn Manor @ Wilson
Four games in and the Bulldogs have surrendered more points than they have scored (93-92). Which means they’ll hang about sixty on Penn Manor.

Conrad Weiser @ Twin Valley
42-7 Weiser

Daniel Boone @ Fleetwood
42-7 Boone

Governor Mifflin @ Reading High
42-7 Mifflin, end of first half

Muhlenberg vs Exeter @ First Energy Stadium
Thursday night game. It’s either this or watch the Browns figure another way to lose.

Berks Catholic @ Malvern Prep
You’ll need to know the secret handshake to get in.

Mahanoy Area @ Hamburg
Coach Silveri’s alma mater versus the town where I used to see WWF Wrestling.**

Minersville @ Schuylkill Valley
I had one mining joke and used it last week.

Morrisville @ Kutztown
In a world of Wawas, this game is Sheetz.


I’d bet a paycheck Cappy and Scott Hewitt were there.

Spartan Nicknames
I’ve added several more since last week and my total is now eleven. Which, frankly, is not too promising. I would like to compile a list and then have the readers select the top nickname. However, I need thirty-two (32) to do what I envision.

Note, please, the nicknames do not have to be Spartan football players. Or guys.

I need to hit 32 names BY NEXT WEEK. Either respond in the comments section below or email me at Do not wait for someone else to do it; hit me up now please.

Need to Bleed More Blue?
If you need your “bleed blue and white” fix Saturday afternoon since both the Spartans and Nittany Lions play Friday night, try the girls home volleyball game against Muhlenberg. That’s the new gym: JV at 1:00 pm with varsity to follow. And it is a “hot dog free” concession stand. (Meaning, there are no hot dogs; not free hot dogs) But there are Chick-Fil-A sandwiches without the 45 minute drive thru wait!

Just a quick note of caution: girls volleyball is addictive so don’t blame me if you get hooked.

Make it a great day to be a Spartan.

Phil Schadler
The Voice of Spartan Football

28th Season

p.s. The beach photo is from Lisbon, Portugal so, no, David Anderson was not a lifeguard.

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6 thoughts on “Phil’s Blog: Game 5 – West York”

  1. The 2001 District Champs

    Former Colorado bound QB for ELCO. We ended that arrangement in one night and he ended up playing poker at Temple instead. (True story)

  2. Adding to the nicknames. I’ll reveal my own, Troy “Smurfy” Hassler. In my early to mid 20s i had blue hair for awhile lol

  3. Zach Kulp, victim of a Spartan shutout and his Elco team torched by the O’Hara McCready combination including the behind the back play.

  4. Is that Jon Bailey? At one time called “the most dangerous player in the state” by well known football analyst Ross Tucker.

    Jim “Frenchie” Blanchet
    Jim “Seabass” Seibans
    Jeff “Gunslinger” O’Hara
    Andy “Slop” Bausher
    Alex “Papa” Papadimetriou (sp?)
    Ryan Koch “Truck”
    I’m realizing these might not be actual nicknames, and rather what Coach Hoffmaster would call them. Also, “Poppa Dick” or just “Poppa” might be a front runner.

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